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Philosopher, Theologian, ex-Frummie
Howdy. My name is Drew, I am an aspiring Baptist Theologian and apologist, focusing on answering Rabbinical objections. I also have a strong inclination toward rationalistic philosophy, and I am a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

My experience with Judaism has been in my interaction with Jewish relatives, who practice Reform Judaism, as well as having lived for a couple of years as a black hatter in one of those frum communities. I became disillusioned, though, and I am now enrolled at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, where I am now going for my Th.M. in Biblical Studies, having already obtain M.Div equivalency in the same subject. I intend to attend Oxford in the next couple of years to get my D.Phil in Philosophy of Religion.

Despite having a lot of interactions with atheists at the Reasonable Faith forums, I have not had the level of interaction with anti-missionaries that I will need if I want to specialize as an apologist in those areas.

My method as an apologist is a bit different, since I have done much of my apologetics training under William Lane Craig, I therefore tend to stick with philosophical and historical arguments, rather than just biblical prooftexting. I have noticed that even the Jacob Neusners and Mordechai Kaplans of New Testament scholarship grant many of the events in the life of Jesus in the New Testament to be historically accurate, in a way they would not grant for almost anything in the Tanakh.

You can view my blog here:
and my YouTube channel here:
Probably my most popular video is The Ontological Argument for the Triune God.
Nice. Too bad you weren't here when Avraham was here. That would have been an interesting conversation. Yetzirah still posts, he would be a second pick to speak with. Shlomo is another. And sometimes JewsforJudaism respond which is always an interesting conversation. They were at one time speaking with me back and forth in my personal e-mail for awhile.

Welcome to JewsforJesus, as an impartial member of the forums and someone not apart of this missionary specifically. I can tell you this site is one of the best if not the #1 spot, as they are very open to others who may not be 100% in line with their own belief, but still share a belief in Jesus Christ. And they don't ban you unless you are using profanity, that type of thing and not out of bias.
All right, sounds interesting. Except for the disillusional part (because that could mean you go from one illusion to another, while not getting the complete depth of all points of view). For me faith/religion or whatever people call it is not that personal. In Judaism it suppose to be more about the group and what to do, instead of philosophy.
But philosophy within Judaism or by Jews excist too.
So I am curious. But why do you specify in this subject, it seems more you again and again want to pick up an arguement or fight? Proof the TRUTH etc. that sounds more Western/Christian.
Did you became a frummy while you were still believing in ''Christ''? Then it's partly logicall you got disillusionised for you had another goal anyway, and other hopes.
Well I will wait for posts. But next 3 weeks I'm a bit busy again...
Be well.

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