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my unfortunate experience at Beit Tefilah ... posing as Jews for Jesus
I have been attending Beit Tefilah (congregation website beittefilah.com) for going on two years once a week, on occasions three times a quarter of a year, and even once a month.  In that time i have grown appreciative of the learning and importance of the Old Covenant.  Learning the new found importance of following the laws according to Moses given by our Lord.  (not taught in Christian principles surrounding the New Covenant).  
In my diligent seeking of the Lord in the past two years I have found two things that I am not being fed for my relationship with the Lord: At Messianic Congregation Beit Tefilah I am not being fed the New Covenant, so I must go to Christian Churches for what Jesus spoke of to keep the Old Covenant laws and Jesus told us He gave us the New Covenant full of love, kindness, salvation, forgiveness, peace, mercy...  When I go to my grade school... graduating Church Holy Cross Lutheran LCMS, and other Christian churches to be fed the New Covenant and cherish it I am fed, but I am not fed the Old Covenant and the study of the Old Covenant, so i must seek a messianic congregation for the Old Covenant or a Synagogue firmly rooted in the following of the Old Covenant.
I was deeply spiritually hurt when Rabbi Lynn Fineberg told the congregation Saturday, 22nd of December: "Do not come back if you are going to other churches and seeking other Shepards. I love everybody, but if you are going to other churches and coming here we do not want you.  You are bringing danger to yourself.  I do not want you here.  I am your Shepard, YOU COME TO ME AND ONLY ME or get out."
I love Rabbi Lynn Fineberg, yet i am deeply hurt and concerned for cult like development at Beit Tefilah.  I tithed at Beit Tefilah 90% of the time in attendance, in our conversations two years ago Rabbi offered me counseling.  My calls have not been returned for counseling, and in the past three months of texting her cell phone she has not returned my text messages.
When we prayed during worship i was asked to pray from my seat being refused to offer healing by prayer for members and Rabbi.  During study of Torah around 4 pm Rabbi said, " I need to stretch." "She stood up and 3/4 of the attending stood up with her like zombies.  I see a cult like development within Beit Tefilah!!!  It has been in the members testimonies saying how they follow Rabbi instead of saying i follow God, they are following Rabbi first?
I am stating the truth because by wise council with many, evil will show it's face and be rooted out wherever it is located spiritually.  These are signs i have seen, and i speak the truth. While i am seeking other means of Old Testament study and dedication, I do not know if I am welcome at Beit Tefilah any longer, while attending New Covenant study and dedication at Christian churches by our Savior Jesus Christ, who is Yeshua.

lovingly and keeping my heart protected for God and for others,

Royal Mark
Very interesting and terrible. Maybe the first red flag was a female Rabbi. In fact Apostle Paul specifically says "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." 1 Timothy 2:12. I hear some people always say "I'm not a Conservative Christian", then the problem becomes when they define conservative. It often has to do with sticking straight to what is written is conservative and they just "don't believe in that".

How about the below? If I lived in the area this is probably where I would attend:

Beit B'Resheet Hebraic Congregation, Bridgeton, MO

I think it is good you recognized problems and are leaving. It isn't too good when someone is that adamant that you are not welcome to keep attending. She will be held accountable for every idle word spoken, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Here is a bunch of them in your area, where I live I only have two.

Take care, and I hope you find somewhere more spiritually fulfilling.
It's a good thing you can see that this is cult like behavior. Don't let anything stop you from leaving that congregation. I pray G-d gives you the strength to leave and that He leads you to a wonderful congregation that leads you to His truth, and where you can grow in Him and be happy in fellowship.
I have read your story and it was very disturbing and just wanted you to know that I will pray for you in this matter. The anti-Christ is hard at work and has even invaded many otherwise good churches. You should remind yourself that the church saves no one, only Jesus has been given that right to save us! And you dont have to be a member of any church to belong to God! Fellowship is important but better to be feed others than be feed. Maybe starting a home church in your area is an idea. God bless and keep you, In Jesus
Who was this female rabbi ordained by? Does she belong to a group or organisation of Messianic communities?

How can we know that she explained the law? I guess she does not keep a lot them herself if se claims such kind of things. So how do you know it is realy the laws that she explained? Or just her pick and choose kind of thing.

Ineed in the Messianic world there are a lot of teachers who suddenly start to claim and defend or attack etc. That often happened with new movements.

Be strong and develop knowledge.

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