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Another Newbie
Hi everyone! I was looking online for a Messianic community and came across this site and, obviously, joined.

Background: Kinda mixed up! I'm Jewish by blood and had a mix of things growing up, from Orthodox Jewish to extremely strict Baptist to atheism to LDS and...pant pant pant...crazy!

As an adult, I did end up joining a Baptist church. I've become more and more disillusioned with them as time went by and it just didn't feel like "home." I married a Gentile who attended a Baptist church, but I wanted my kids to know their roots and really missed having that connection, so we became members of a Messianic congregation. As this was a new marriage, we ended up with dual memberships. I considered the Messianic place home from the minute I walked in...just amazing and RIGHT. I continued in the Baptist church, but viewed it more as a ministry than anything else, so it was a great combination and worked out well for our family.

Unfortunately, too many issues kept coming up at the Baptist church. None of them were really theological. They do have solid teachings, but living them is a different story and the pettiness, bickering, and lack of community...I struggled with it and kept telling myself to stick to it. And I did, until something major happened that seemed swept under the rug instead of brought to light, then a few other major happenings practically forced us out. The hurt from that is still fresh. We now solely attend our Messianic congregation. It is not close to our home, so our involvement is quite limited and this makes me feel out of touch, though I am thankful for the times we can attend.

I'm not sure what else to tell you. I'm very grateful to have found a Messianic church in our area. I've never found one in any other state that was within a reasonable distance to travel least not one that didn't seem confused and mixed up and a little bit scary.

As I do get more involved where we are now, it is kind of funny to see people react to my questions. In temple (or the one I was used to before recognizing Yeshua) the wine was wine, women sat with women, and I when I recently asked someone if women could talk during the regular study sessions and ask questions too, I was looked at like I had a second head growing out my face. LOL In other words, YES! Women can ask questions and talk too.

So that's my intro. I look forward to meeting the others here.
Hello, and welcome.

I'm glad you are saved, but sorry to hear you had such a bad time at a Congregation. But its great to hear God led you to a better place of worship for you. That is always a blessing.

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