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Caught Stealing--An Old Testimony
This is an old story and happened when I was a child. God taught me a valuable lesson at that time and I DO NOT steal now. You could place me in a room with a million dollars and I wouldn't touch it.
I was thirteen years old and living in a home with a father who was an abusive alcoholic. My mother approached me and said that we wouldn't have Christmas again this year that dad had drank the money. I was the oldest. I got it into my head that we WOULD have christmas and that I would go with my friends to the mall and steal it.
I got gifts for my two brothers, my sister, my dad, two for my mom, a gift for me and a box of ornaments for the tree. It was the ornament box under my coat that the cameras at J.C. Penny's picked up. The cops got me and my friend when we got off the elevator. They took us separately for questioning.
The cop made me unload my stuff and he would ask, "who is this for? And this? And two for your mother? And what did you get yourself--I showed him the earrings. Why the ornaments--ours are broken."
I never lied to him about anything. He was rough and asked for my phone number. I told him we didn' have a phone, so he wanted to know where I lived and I told him. He told me to go home and confess to my dad what I had done and that he would show up at my house to make sure that I had.
I went home and confessed, I thought dad would kill me but I think it hurt him that his addiction caused the rash behavior and I didn't get punished.
The cop never showed up. Instead the Salvation Army showed up with gifts for us kids, food for the table and cash for mom and dad.
It took me YEARS to realize that the cop was the one who HAD to have sent the Salvation Army and that God was with the cop. He was SO ROUGH that it didn't occur to me until I grew up. Jesus works in wonderful ways and I've NEVER stolen another thing.
Yeshua Bless You
Thanks for an excellent and moving testimony.
I sill remember what I stole and then what gifts were brought--it was God.
Hot wheels cars for my two brothers, a small stuffed animal for my sister, Old spice cologne for dad, chanilly lace perfume and a small book of poetry by Helen Steiner Rice for mom, and earrings for myself.
The gifts that were brought?
Bigger cars for the boys, a larger suffed animal for my sister and a paint by number set for me--I was already a budding artist. Also a gift from God after much prayer as a child to be allowed to be an artist--I was six or seven when I prayed for this gift. I had to work at it, but the more I drew, the more I could. I've taught art classes and am very good at drawing and painting. I'm known for painting realistic eyes.
Yeshua Bless You

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