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Hi all from Brooklyn.

I am a Born Again Christian that attends a nondenominational church called Christian Cultural Center. Our Pastor is A.R. Bernard, much more of a theologian/teacher than the sermon-styled preaching I was raised on. I was raised in a mix of Christian faiths (Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, a little Methodist). After I lost my way God provided me a test to come back to him, and while I did and was rewarded I also backslid a bit and was humbled.
I have been devoting myself to Christ more than ever now as our pastor teaches that it is not enough to just read and know about God/Jesus, we need to build a relationship.
My coming on this forum is to have open and thoughtful conversations about the Hebrew viewpoints on Jesus, the OT, and the NT as we often discuss such things in my church. I have only started reading the Bible from cover to cover (up to Judges already, yay!) but am very open to expanding my knowledge. I hope to get to know many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to build upon my relationship with the Lord.

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