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I'm Finally home
Hello everyone. I would just like to share some things and get it all of my
chest. I was raised in a wiccan household. At an early age the only thing I
cared about was finding answers to lifes mysteries. I converted to buddhism
around 16, and started meditation. While this was great for a while, I knew
something else was out there. Still maintaning a beleif in god, I grew a strong
hatred for christianity. Started smoking pot and drinking. One night I ended up
going into a deep trance and begged god to give me a sign he existed. After an
hour with no results, I thought what is the one thing I never tried.
praying. I spent the next 2 hours asking the true god if he truly existed. A soothing voice came to me and said "I do exist".I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, felt better than I ever had. I didn't know
it at the time, but I got hit hard the week after and I had horrible
episodes of paranioa but I fought through it. In the months too come, me my
girlfriend and a close friend went to a druids house who was supposed to give us
a puppy my girlfriend so desperately wanted. They never showed up so my friend
went inside to get it. Driving home the car set on fire, but the strange thing
is, when the fire started, the car ended up slowing to a stop. We all got out to
see what was wrong and the underneath of the car was set ablaze. A police
officer was luckily right behind us and got the fire department there in
minutes. The piston had shot through the engine, no one understood how it
happened. I truly believe the gods saved us that night. I fell into a drug addiction, and stopped meditating
for a long time. dealt with severe
> depression and all sorts of things. I'm now in my early twenties. I work long hours and get litttle sleep, but
I've been trying to find the time to meditate when I can. I feel like I've been
away from father and I'm just trying to get back to him. Depression is hitting
me again, overcoming it sucks. but I will be forever grateful and
the truth it provided for me. I hope to soon get well and
continue this great journey. Thank you all for letting me ramble, I needed it.
may you all be blessed by the true god
There is only one God and his name is Jesus Christ. Try meditating on Gods word.

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