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God works in mysterious ways
I was visiting with a lady who is a Registered nurse and since I spent 12 years in long term care nursing homes as LVN we picked up a conversation and in the process she told me her daughter didnt want to be a nurse like her despite her encouragement. She told me this daughter lost her first child back in November and was so impressed with the loving care her deceased infant received and the care she was given that she has taken up nursing school as her goal. We were discussing how lovely it is to have God in our lives, as opposed to those who do not, and how sorrows are not avoided, we all go through hardships, but how He alone turns even our sorrows into some good.
Momentarily therefore I got a call from someone who had a border collie and the collie needed a home because the elderly man was being sent into a nursing home and didnt want his dog to go to the pound. My heart broke for him. I explained I couldnt talk right then but would call them later. I hung up and told the nurse about the dog and she said to me she had just spoken to her husband two weeks ago that their male border collie needed a mate. So I called the them back and found out it was a female border collie and now these two families can link up and hopefully find a loving home for this, soon to be separated from its owner, dog. God works in mysterious ways! What an awesome and loving God He is!
I know I talk a lot about the animals we rescue but God works in wonderful ways and this helping of animals has been therapeutic for me and has given me some awesome stories!
Like the other day when a friends daughter, who was down visiting her mother for Easter, found a dog in the parking lot of Walmart and brought him to me. This is the young lady whose boyfriend had been viciously murdered several months ago on his way home from work. We had such a good visit and were happy to be of help to her by taking the stray dog she found. I ran a ad in the paper and waited for a reply before looking for another home for the dog. I got up the other morning and felt compelled to pray for many things and that also included this dog. I did as I often do when I pray, I annoint things with my JFJ anointing oil. I anointed this silly stray dog and asked God to help us find its home. Today he found his home! The owners called and came and picked him up.
I love how God works....dont you! So much sadness around us, so much heartbreak, so much horror, but not with God....with God there is joy, even in small things! God bless JFJ and Israel.

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