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Favorite scripture
Share your favorite scripture or a verse that inspired you or spoke to your heart.
The other morning I read Isaiah chapter 52,53 and 54 and it was AWESOME! It is soo applicable for our times, but so is the entire Bible. This prophet , I would like to meet him in heaven, he is a tool of God forsure.
The other morning I read Psalms 31 with my family and for some reason, Im not very good at memorizing scripture, one of the verses stuck with me the entire day and has held on to me.... MANY ARE THE WOES OF THE WICKED BUT THE LORDS UNFAILING LOVE SURROUNDS THE ONE WHO TRUSTS IN HIM.....Wow that stayed with me. Then yesterday morning I awoke with one of those " I think Im going to die headaches" and for some reason this verse came back to me again...So I spoke it aloud and claimed it, and within seconds my headache was gone....I felt the love of God as he held me to his spritual side. This verse has meant a lot to me and I share it with you...We fail God, others fail us, we fail others, but THE LORDS UNFAILING LOVE SURROUNDS THOSE WHO TRUST IN HIM. Aint that the truth!
Oops its Psalms 32 not 31..I told you Im not too good at memorizing scripture.
It is really difficult to choose just one, but one chapter I thoroughly enjoy studying is Leviticus 19. I like it because when I first started getting serious in my learning, we started with this chapter, so it has tremendous sentimental value. Additionally, there are very many commandments here, and a lot that deal with our interaction between man and man. Whenever I read this, I try to find another commandment to focus on and improve in my life. Because of the sheer volume of commandments, and the different areas of life it addresses, this chapter really encapsulates the statement, "Delve into [Scripture], and delve again, for everything is in it."
There are many deep teachings in parables and riddles. I like studying Proverbs. One of my favorite verses is:

Prov 3:18 She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.
Read Psalms 46 this morning, comforting.
I usually go to Psalms in the morning but this morning I opened my Bible and opened to 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and I was reluctanct at first to read it because I love Psalms so much but it was just what I needed to read. I had been asking God how come He said that His word is as important to our lives, maybe even more so, than food is to the body. I know we plant and we sew but I didnt see the connection so well today. I have been inundated with struggles lately and it has skewed my vision slightly and life has rushed in but this morning I feel stronger and know in my heart there is resurection from the dead, because of Jesus, and I see why reading Gods word is more important than food. God bless you. Happy reading and God bless JFJ
I was having a rough day and cried out to God to lift me up and I opened my purse and found a devotional I opened it randomly and it opened to Isaiah chapter 46 verses 3 and 4 and a feeling of warmth and comfort warmed my heart. I read the devotional and the other verses that went with it also in 1 Thessalonians, which had been a chapter that had encouraged me in regards to asking God does He defend the cause of the oppressed and after reading I Thess. a felt a resounding YES God does! We have to be patient and wait, sometimes a long time, but He does not lie and we can trust His word! So I re read 1 Thess. and was inspirational in my walk with the Lord. The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms!
Oh, I want to add, I did not put this devotional in my purse, so I don't know who in my family placed it there but the timing was Gods!

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