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My experience in Israel w/ J4J

I'm Mike, I've been a Christian since I was a young kid living in California,
just recently some events in my life that cause me to turn to back to God. I started to attend church again and started to fellowship with other believers, especially at work. At this time I was going through tough times spiritually, I was asking God, what should I do? I was in my garage one day just thinking, and as I was looking at the ground I saw a newspaper ad that showed a trip to Jerusalem. I was like wow, I always wanted to visit Israel, but was now the time? And so I thought about it. A few months passed, and I noticed one day at church, there was a booth with sign-ups to go on a short-mission trip with Jews4Jesus, and I was like wow, lol. For some reason I just didn't want to go just for a vacation, but as service to the Lord, so I prayed for it to see if what something He wanted me to do. I guess it was since I ended up going with a group of 12, and I was the youngest volunteer who was tech savvy who had unlocked iphone, and that actually helped us get around so much easier.
Anyway we started our week with training and street witnessing in Tel
Aviv with our hosts Oded and Bimini, I tell you it was hard work, but at the same time I was so encouraged to share the gospel with these people, I didn't care how tired I was. The Jews are God's chosen people my grandfather used to tell me, and I think this also made me more interested in witnessing to them. We ran into anti-missionary groups, some of you may know what I'm talking about, these are orthodox Jews who try to counter everything we do by taking pictures, intimidating us, saying all kinds of foul things, blasphemy, etc...And I thought, you know I really shouldn't retaliate, I believe God wants us to love them. It showed them that we were different, it showed them that Jesus/Yeshua was about love. After a week of sharing the gospel in the streets with a wonderful and friendly staff from Jews for Jesus Tel-Aviv, we headed with our hosts to experience the rest of Israel! After visiting places such as Tiberius, Mt. Carmel, the Judeaen Desert, The Qumran Caves (I have an interesting story of what happened here), Jerusalem, and other sites quoting scriptures, it really brought the Word of God to life, and it was an experience like no other. I've never been on mission trips before and never thought I would do this, but it was one of the best experiences in my life I would say. I made friends and also had some prayers answered as well. It was all for God's glory. I thank the Lord Jesus for this blessing.
Sorry I wish I was a better writer as some of you are, lol.Tongue
Shalom, Mike -- welcome, and thanks for sharing some thoughts about your mission trip to Israel. I'm so glad it was a blessing to you as you witnessed faithfully for Jesus.

I served on five witnessing campaigns (in St. Louis, Toronto, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Berlin); and although the days were long and the tasks were challenging, each of them showed me so much about Him, about myself, and about my fellow humans.

If you are interested in participating in another J4J witnessing campaign, you might want to consider the annual summer one in Manhattan. It's a great place to witness while seeing a lot of the city.

I hope you will also enjoy exploring this web site and participating in the Forums whenever you get a chance. We welcome opinions of all kinds, because we know that Jesus ultimately will have the final word.

God bless you,
Moderator MAlan

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