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conspiracy theory; what doees it means to 'believe' in jesus?
In front of the multitudes he always said, “I came to bear witness to the truth”. And we all know the man was not shy about letting certain powers that be know he saw their true colors. Yet he had thousands following him because of the miracles he performed and the way that he spoke. The public is hooked. If you were one of those powers that be how do you deal with a man like this? Surely he has to die, but you can’t just execute a prophet because he offended you. You instead somehow must use his death to serve your purpose.

Then one night before his death in a room with only nine witnesses (nothing against the apostles, but my point is that nine accounts is easier to manipulate than that of hundreds of random strangers on a hillside) out came this philosophy of breaking bread; his body is a sacrifice and for this purpose he has come; so our sins may be forgiven not through his death, but through believing he died specifically for this purpose.

Right here the divide is set. Right here faith in Jesus as a divine entity and as a path to salvation gets equated with believing he came to die so your sins may be forgiven. Right here what seemed to be a man/ divine person describing a truth to be discovered turned into a philosophy to be believed in that is arguably incompatible with other belief systems. The first step to power is to control people; the first step to controlling people is to divide them.

I remind you of three things;

Jesus said clean the cup from the inside out.
You honor me with your words but your hearts are far from me.
Jesus himself made a habit of rolling up into synagogues and exposing the hypocrisy.
Yep Angry The original rebel with a cause! Our Father's Words.

Who began his Ministry at 30 years of age, after receiving the Holy Spirit through the Baptism of John, went into mountain top to be tempted 40 days, by Satan/Death himself in person, disguised as an angel of light, with the last event of such being recorded in the Garden of Eden to Et'hadam & Eve, the mother of ALL living.( in Messiah/Christ)

Who when he came back down, went right to the synagogues and started tossing over tables and cracking a cat of nine-tails Cool

He sure isn't shy about getting ones attention Angry and then becoming so gentle in answering innocent questions Heart but soooo bold in confronting those who would dare challenge Our Father's Words Rolleyes

Rock/Christ & don't forget to Roll/Moses when Our Father says its time; for the first ones taken are whores, the rest will stay in the field doing Our Father's Will.

Gathering to receive the greater healings in the wilderness, as exampled to us through both The Rock & Roll, Christ/Melchezidek and Moses, who were the only flesh persons to speak face to face with the Father in full conscious awareness.

The rest either dealt with an angel; or The Angel of The Lord, Melchezidek, The Prince of Peace, and The King of the Justified Kills, The promised Messiah, The Christ, The anointed one of YAH, The Son in whom YAH is well pleased Heart Flesh mortal humans Only mediator/lawyer to Our Father, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, and each and every flesh humans personal Saviour and High-Preist for one and ALL; Jesus The Christ, Yeshua Messiah

And one would wonder why almost ALL religons pretty much hate Rock and Roll

Keep on Rock'n in the Free (freedom of speech that is.) World

Neil Shakey Young
Ya, his real name : )

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