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How to find peace?
We will find complete peace only when we express unconditional love, because to love is the true nature of our spirit. When we choose selfishness over love, we go against God and our true nature. This causes turmoil in our spirit. Furthermore when we choose selfishness we hurt ourselves and others by the anxiety, envy, greed, and hate it produces. Selfishness also leads people to violate the natural order established by God. Such violations include contraception, in-vitro fertilizations, abortion (which is the cruelest form of violence), divorce, fornication, adultery, and perverted and sterile sexual acts. Such violations result in breakdown of the moral fabric of the society and of family life; resulting in much suffering, especially to little children.

Unconditional love is the spirit God which is expressed in selflessness, sacrifice and service. To fall in love is to embrace this spirit; and trust in God enables us to embrace this spirit. Because love is selfless, it frees us of selfishness; which in turn frees us from everything that selfishness enslaves us with. When we embrace love we will love our enemies by our acts of sacrifice and prayers for them, will not speak or think evil about others, offer the other cheek when slapped on one, give to everyone that asks, do not ask back what we lend, give and expect nothing in return (Luke 6:27-30), consider our opportunity to sever others as our greatest gift (from God), live to love and see the presence of God in every human being. We can embrace this love, if we let the spirit of God which enabled him (in the person of Jesus) to sacrifice his own life those who hurt and betrayed him, touch our heart.
Where is the Hebrew or Greek source for the concept ''unconditional love'' in what bible verses?

And if it is written that our God is a jealous God, is He Himself then violating the natural order established by Himself?

We should do service because The Almighty does not allow that you worship somebody beside him, nor make idols etc. so there are certain conditions of Himself not being unconditional.

The ideas must be based more upon the Greek translation where Charitas, Eros etc. started to bring non Jewish philosophies.
Part 1

Arunangelo, are you certain that you are of the jewish race? I assume that "jews for Jesus" means people of the jewish race for Jesus, but then again i might be mistaken because people now use words very liberally (and liberalism is a plan from the New World Order to destroy the christians, among other things), which i am not. I certainly oppose liberalism and the "one-race, the human race" agenda that is supposed to result into a one-world people and ruler, gender equality and all that liberal garbage.

You sound a lot more like a catholic gentile of lesser intelligence, since it has been my experience that the jewish race is more intelligent than other races. This is why i have not been able to fit among the gentiles myself.

I resist liberalism because THAT is the war. Peace is something that is declared after winning a war; But to win it, you must first idenfity it AND fight it THEN end up being stronger than it. If you have not identified the enemy to begin with, you are far away from declaring peace.

Abortion and contraception and different obsessions with sex are distractions used by the enemy so that you do not live in the reality of things and fight the true enemy. It is also why web sites like this (jews for jesus) are counter-productive since they are not war-oriented against the true enemy. You have to go elsewhere and read web sites like I certainly do not approve of everything that is in there but, strangely, they are doing better than most (including religious web sites) by far. However, i warn everyone to be careful of their poison mixed with truth, such as constitutionalism. It is a thing of the gentiles, not of the jews. There are many jews that have fallen for the lies of the american pigs. I am certainly not one of them for i reject theiir ways.

The true enemy is called idolatry and sexual immorality. The later translates into liberalism and social homosexual behavior (man against man, as we see so often now in society, where men try to dominate one another, even more than that we often see women dominating men!), in which liberalism IS sexual immorality and against the natural order of things, at all levels. Liberalism also declares freedom of conscience which is at work right now in all societies, destroying everything. It is the belief that people can be of any race/religion/creed/gender and that it "does not matter". It is the perversion of freedom for it is then turned against truth and the christians.

Part 2

If you find the true enemy, you will also find persecution. I have been relentlessly attacked by the liberals and the agents of this world, and that is why i have little or nothing in common with the "jews for jesus" in the video on their web site that are well-dressed, well-filmed, talking smoothly of "love" and "international peace" as if they have never been attacked by a mob of angry libs. Or a mob of angry money-loving capitalists, for that matter. They almost make it sound as if there is no war.

"The power of love will conquer all" - The belief of little girls believing in faeries. Not how it works in the true battlefield of life.

Also, you seem at war with the concept of anger, as many "new agers" are (buddhists etc. in love with indian religions). I am not into a dehumanization agenda where i must not feel any emotions and act like a buddhist guru of some kind, walking around with a smile in my face pretending to be happy and content at all times.

I'm a real human, a real person with real emotions, quite capable of anger and indignation. However, the mental process and the learning has to do with attaining RIGHTEOUS anger and RIGHTEOUS indignation as opposed to the enemy's perverse and ignorant anger and indignation. It is about attaining a maturity in emotions as opposed to feeling child-like emotions.

Many things can be learned in that regard but they are not taught to you by the enemy. Remember that, ultimately, the enemy wants to dumb you down. To keep you in a state of infantilisation. The school system is built to achieve that through indoctrination. There are many, many things that people were never thought in order to keep them under the control of the enemy AND the matriarchy. Women do not want you to grow up either and that is why they keep you infantilized.

May i suggest something like this as a start.

But be wary of the enemy's poison, even in that show.

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