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A Thank you to JFJ Forums
I want to take a moment and thank Jews For Jesus for their Ministry, and for taking a stand for the One True Messhiach, Christ Jesus.

I also wish to thank them for allowing me an opportunity to minister with G-D's Word and teachings to those few that come to this Forum.  I have been allowed to post and to grow in knowledge as one could only hope to -- with a daily Bible Study group.  

I have participated at a couple other sites in the past, one of which was taken over by derelicts for Satan because the moderation was practically non-existent.  Once a good thread was started there, it would be side-tracked with accusations, effeminate masculinity, religious illiteracy and hypocrisy, etc. -- all on the pretence that such a site was taken over as their domain and "fort", and I was an unwelcome outsider to discuss Bible stuff.  It was as if..."Bible stuff?  Who cares about Bible stuff at a Bible Discussion site...tell me about that cup of coffee you had, or if you're feeling healthy, or make me laugh" -- this is their attitude.

Not so at JFJ.  Moderation has been a blessing...even if posting short posts is a difficulty for me.

I've had my difficulties in being concise and clear with anti-missionaries that come here, sure...but I hope that our discussions and counter-points have been beneficial.  To me, these exchanges have been helpful, driving me back into the Bible, oftentimes deeper than I have done in years.  And yet, no matter how deep I go, I see that the Trinity of the One G-D (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is always true...and that Jesus is more interwoven into the Scriptures (as Revelation 19:10c says) than I had ever seen before.  Perhaps the Hebrew word "pala" for "wonderful", "awesome" -- perhaps that applies here.

It is one thing to have surface knowledge and assurance.  It is another to have even greater assurance / trust / perfect peace in the Faith the deeper you delve into it.  Thanks again JFJ, for allowing me to participate here, and in aiding me in growing in Christ.  Shalom.
I share the sentiments expressed by Brianroy and seekmosttoprophesy recently about the opportunity and quality afforded by Jews for Jesus here at their Forums.

However, I am going to have to say goodbye to the host and the folks here.  I know I will greatly miss these exchanges.  I will be back a few more times to print off my last few posts, but after that I will have to make a clean break.  Please take any further discussion or arguments I am in the middle of with some of the posters and perhaps you can find an even better exchange with another faith-er here.  Best wishes, Godspeed to the household of faith and much love as well to the same.
Baptistic Wrote:However, I am going to have to say goodbye to the host and the folks here.

Well, not quite yet.  So dry your eyes, all you Baptistic-ophiles.
I agree wholeheartedly. TY JfJ !  I have posted in another forum that has crashed 3 times in 5 years. So I am thankful for the technology and those who worked hard and used their gifts for this great site.

I can say the only reason I remain enthusiastic about the internet and retain my subscription is this site. "It" just goes to show G-d can work in a new way.
Baptistic Wrote:
Baptistic Wrote:However, I am going to have to say goodbye to the host and the folks here.

Well, not quite yet.  So dry your eyes, all you Baptistic-ophiles.

*sigh*  Okay, now it's time for me to be gone for a while, but hopefully not too long.  Might be just a short time!  But if it is a long time, my intention is to return as soon as possible.

Until then,

Just like Jewpoet said: We may or may not agree with each other on everything; but (at least the majority of us) do agree that Jews For Jesus has helped all the elect (Christian now or in time to come; Jewish or Gentile) grow in faith; discuss Elohim and the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah in light of everything, and witness to the elect and even non-elect, so that- as the Bible says- every tongue will confess and kneee will bow because of the fact that Elohim is God.
As Goy of Y'shua said, we may not agree, (Quote, Unquote -but had it not been for JfJ we might end up doctrinally incorrect.

I was not a blogger before JfJ. =)

Remember Abraham and his faith.
Seek peace.
Above all love God.

God bless the baptist minister MLK.

Escriba Esta! Muy bein gracias.
Thank you JFJ Forums! This is the 3rd and best Christ believing forum I've ever been on! Great job! [Image: happy0065.gif]
Its amazing how G-d works,as I was led to your website by a hardline Judaic blogsite, complaining about how they gave a tour of Israel to their fellow Jews, and then they turned out to be ; Those Jews for Jesus,and how disgusting it was? God had laid upon my heart months before to write to Judaic blogs, and interject New Testament scripture without saying ;Jesus!and they seemed to print 100's of my comments?until I gave a 10 page discussion [ The unanswerable not printed of my comments] to the very article criticizing your organization[ not even knowing about it] with other Rabbi's and Believers of the Torah[I believe the Torah also!} They tried to show how Jesus didn't fit , and Messiah , and virgin, and Trinity, and Isaiah 53,and seed of David,events occurred and not relevant, and on and on they seemed to correct the translations , and the translations fit all the more in my understanding and reinforced my testimony that;Jesus is; Yeshua; Immanuel!The Ruler of Israel! I am now blocked as ; Missionary Propaganda censored!; but I believe G-d brought me to this place; Jews for Jesus; G-d's true servants that have seen and obey His word's, and know His plan. You are chosen among Israel; to speak His words and carry the; Holy Spirit through you lips, and hearts ,and speak the name of God and light the Fire in mens souls into a Great light that can be seen from the Heavens!I am honored that you have allowed me to partake of the Holy Worship you share, and look forward to the knowledge and heart you bring of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; The Son of God; The God of Israel! The prayers together we bring will be the sound of a mighty ocean, and be heard farher than our mortal ears can hear, for it stretches into the very Heart Of God!He knows your names!
I must say in my Thank you also that; When the Lord had me first start writing to these Jewish blogs/ articles; I was amazed how open they were to me, and heartfelt, and shared my same political views! I expected to get a stoning for blasphemy or something to that nature, but I found a people ; Realizing G-d's word's coming true before their very eyes and are hungry for the knowledge to fit the pieces together.There has never been a time in the History of this world that the Glorious consumation of Historical prophecies of the Bible have opened before man's eyes of the coming of Yeshua, and the Gates of Heaven bringing Jerusalem; Heaven on Earth into reality. I believe we shall see The glory in full of ; The G-d of Israel! The Harvest is ripe!and the baskets are almost full!

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