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Blessed Sunday
Just finished another blessed Sunday communing with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Im new to the forum but love God and Jesus with my heart. Will try to navigate properly through the members useful information.

Just wanted to comment about how right Messianicjew is for saying we do not necessarily have to or have the capacity to keep the old laws from Moses, ref: i believe in Y' shua section. As a christian it is my assignment to draw closer to him and his peace refreshes me each Sunday have a blessed week and ill leave you with a quick saying my brethren used to say.

Too much sweet honey makes the bread stick to your teeth.
Its impossible to be perfect or know everything about God's word but my faith and keeps me in right standing with God. Also research in the word is fine but true understanding will lead to more fruit. Thanks.
True understanding is a great goal to work towards to.
So I worked today 11 hours and now I'm free for the Evening preparing for the Festival The Almighty commanded us to celebrate next wednesday.

Well I don't know why you call the laws of Moses old. What Laws did Moses create? And why are they old? Isn't it that in most of them they were created for Jews to keep. So most Christians did not had to hold by it, just as most non-Jews who came to the Temple to worship The Same Almighty.
Nobody was perfect, that's indeed good to understand to stay humble.
Have a blessed rest of the week and stay close to The Almighty.

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