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Is There A Way To Know If Jesus Christ Is Sinless? Part 2
Is There A Way To Know If Jesus Christ Is Sinless? Part 2

If you don't want to spend eternity on you knees, hiding from God in hell, then just believe in Jesus Christ and receive the forgiveness of sin that his death and resurrection made possible. Then you too will stand before for God in heaven to be receive your reward instead of knelling and cowering in hell along with all of the other unforgiven, and unforgivable, lost souls! Don't wake up in heaven one day finding yourself on your knees unable to rise because you missed your chance to accept Jesus Christ's offer of forgiveness by just believing in him!

God Bless
It must be remembered that since Jesus Christ retained his human form upon his resurrection, Jesus Christ now can show for eternity that he remains sinless. If anyone tried to bring an accusation against Jesus Christ, who is God, that there is no way to know if Jesus Christ is truly sinless the proof is that while he stands before God the Father without cowering or hiding, this reflects his continued sinless nature and removes all doubt that Jesus Christ, hence God, is truly sinless.

Jesus claimed that ''nobody can know (or come) To The Almighty except through him'' and He did make a few other statements to exclude people to come to The Father in ways as The Father had promissed.
So by that Jesus is not respectful and tried to overrule His Father. According to us in that respect Jesus did not follow the law, and is not sinless.
Jesus sometimes also made more strickt rulings for himself, but also towards other people. In the Laws given to Moses, people had to make a sinsacrifice for that. It was not that people were not able to talk to God before that sinsacrifice, but the concepts of Christians about what sin is, is so different than what The Almighty gave us. That it takes a book to explain it. Even Paul made a sinsacrifice when he went to the temple as a Christian.

We all should learn to sin less, and to take our own responsibility in that process, and ask forgiveness from others, and then turn to God again.
If Jesus were just a man, then He full believed that someone led and guided Him in all the ways to be sinless--hence He would be innocent of all sin and the one who led Him would be guilty.
If He were our creator in the flesh--hence He is God and sinless.
Either way, there was a sinless man who walked among men.
He is my God and guide and His name is Jesus.

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