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Certainty of Jesus
I place all my trust in our Lord and Saviour Y'shua the Messiah because the Scripture says Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.

I have also noticed that He is the pinnacle of Humanity.

-When I was a teenager I started to notice, even on the shelves at my local CD shop, that Jesus Christ was a central theme.
The highest blasphemy, the greates shock, a band could manage to produce would have to do with our Lord.

-Later on in my live, I noticed this "behaviour" also in the arts.
The highest and greatest provocation known, is a reaction on symbols pertaining to our Lord's death or Christianity.

-Also in the philosophy it is impossible to come past our Lord.
Even in our generation some of the most thought provoking essays have titles such as: The Monstrosity of Christ.

-I have also read or started reading many pamphlets promoting spiritualism, atheism, occultism and whatnot, I have found none that does not compare themselve with Christianity, with Jesus. As if subconsciously they know Y'shua is the Anointed One and the standard against which their own views must fall or stand.

Pro or Con, this Jesus Christ, who we now remember to be Y'shua of Nazareth seems to be as far as carnal man can go.

Da scheiden sich die geister.

This is why I commend those who post under Why I DON'T Believe in Y'shua (Jesus). You have come to the highest question of humanity, the question every soul must come to, everything else is relative to this.
May your questions and your arguments be a proof unto themselves.

In a philosophical sense I can say: There is no feminism, no atheism, no capitalism, no communism, no judaism, no christendom.
There is only Y'shua Messiah.

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.
For mankind yes, there is only Y'shua Messiah, the Only! Mediator to Our Father Love.

Our Father sincerely desires for each of us to Understand why He is so very upset and extremely angry; otherwise there is still The Lord's Day of reckoning and teaching in the spirit, for those who don't think it is extremely important; of course that's after one recognizes ones true heritage.

For the real war at hand is, the deception of ones True Heritage of the inner being. : )

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