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What If.....
What if there were indications that the Chosen were mightily deceived by the usurper God - the God of the Air that Christ says rules this world. That the Gentiles are the actual children of the usurper God but the Jews are not. What if your father was the 1st Creation where Man was spoken into being by the Word (but whose countenance turned to flesh after the fall) - not the formed man that was made from dust that already existed.

"He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him." Could you trust that He Understands and that failure to recognize your Root gave the Gentiles an opportunity to be adopted/grafted on and escape the harsh father(s) of us? (There is another major god in play.)

What if the usurper God liked the higher spiritual quality of the Jews better than his own progeny and caused the Jews to be circumcised so as to 'claim' the Jews for himself. To steal their allegience and use their higher intelligence for his own purposes?

What if True God could not stay with Adam long after he became part of the Usurper God's world but could 'weave' prophets in and out of the web so as to give the Jews hope of being saved when the 'cosmic door opened' and Christ could arrive to iniate the Plan.

What if there are 2 Adams (one of which had only Seth and not Cain and Abel); 2 Abrahams (one of which had only Isaac, not Ishmael. Gen. 22:2 and 22:12 "only son, Isaac") and two different episodes of lying about his wife as sister with two different outcomes, 2 Moses (one of which died, and one who was translated and wrote the Pentateuch). Two Arks; quite different arks. And much more.

What If there is much more that looking at the Bible from a different angle could open up a way to desire Truth more than Tradition?

What if you could Know the Holy Ghost, *for yourself*, in a way that was lost to all but a few Christians through 2,000 years? A way to *experience* Job 41:18 "By his neesings (sneezing) a Light doth shine..." A way to experience 'dying to Self while still in the body' so as to have the flesh transformed back to Righteousness?

What if it is a dance where the Jews kept the Old Testament down to jot and tittle for us, the Gentiles. But we kept the New Testament for you guys even when we ourselves had lost the way to Knowing the Holy Ghost.

What if it could still be the Jews who lead the Christians to Salvation?

It is so distressing to me to hear the Jews plead for the Christians to come to their aid upon a new threat of persecution. Don't you see that the Christians do *not* KNOW Christ? That the God who is rising is the God of Islam and *both* the Christians and Jews will be persecuted? And Christ will not be able to help either of us because we don't KNOW Him.

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