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What If.....
I know the path that worked for me to find the Holy Ghost and will gladly share. Every time errands take me past the local synagogue, Holy Ghost causes me to sneeze repeatedly. I desperately want to please Him, but I simply cannot find the courage to approach a rabbi with what I've written here. I'm a Gentile female.

I'm hoping that any reactions to this post will help me anticipate reactions of taking this message to a rabbi - because I'm directed to approach the Jews first before anyone else. Some things, gratefully, don't change.

I do *not* have complete Understanding about all I have written but am given glimpses in many areas by being

Led by the nose. And yet, I know there is More.

All reactions are welcome so that when I *do* approach a rabbi, I may have some idea of the reactions I may face in that situation.

What I know is that the *important* part is to share How I found the Holy Ghost that others may have the same outcome. It is *not* the Holy Ghost's desire that I 'teach' but to show others how to find Truth for themselves.

The way I've approached that goal in this post may be completely the wrong way to garner interest in beginning the spiritual process.
I'm also a gentile female....I'm confused re: how you found the Holy Ghost. Are you saying that the Holy Ghost causes you to sneeze?
This does not appear to be Biblical to me. To be honest, it almost sounds like you may have been invovled in new age occult stuff (even unknowingly). This includes things like yoga, transcendential meditation, etc. I know someone who did psychic readings but stopped and then she started having all kinds of delusions, etc and she is 100% sure she's hearing from the Lord, although it is clear that it is demonic and/or a pychiatric problem - and it's gotten worse and worse. Really ruined her life to a large degree. She always seemed to seek experiences rather than being content with the study of the Word.

Now, I'm not saying this applies to you because I don't know your situation at all. Just thought I'd warn you in case you have had occultic contact in the past, so that you can get rid of it before it destroys you.

Anyway, you said all reactions are welcome and this would be my reaction (because of my past experience with another person who had bizarre stuff happen after stopping occult stuff). I hope I don't offend you; just trying to help.

Finally, I'd just point out that Truth is the Word of God. You find Truth by studying the Bible. Truth is not obtained through carnal/sensory experiences (like blanking out the mind, chanting, repeating same thing over and over, etc) - that's dangerous ground and can open you up to all kinds of demonic activity.

Would be very interested in you clarifying exactly what you're talking about here re: showing rather than teaching the Truth, etc.

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