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Some good movies to watch
The other brother. Its about two boys that were accidently mixed up at birth, one is Israeli and the other Arab. Moving story. I cried. Highly recommend. It shows just how human we all are and how God loves us all. I give it a 9.

Undefeated. Its about a Tennessee High School in Manasses and how they have not won a Football playoff in over 110 years. It highlights several boys lives and their journey into becoming men of good character. The coach does a good job in reaching these boys. Kudos to this team and coach. I give it a 8

In the shadow of the moon. A documentary about the men who walked on the moon. It chronicles their preparation, trip to and from the moon and offers many astonishing photos. What I liked was their personal testimonies, especially when they speak about God and Jesus. Highly recommend. Couldn't stop watching it. I give it a 10.

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