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hi my name is Ella am 36 married with no kids just cats
I am interested in Messianic Judaism.
Am Christian...
thought id say hi
Hi and shalom, Ella! Thanks for participating in the Jews for Jesus Forums. We hope you will come back often and share your comments and questions. If you would love to share your testimony, and your thoughts about Jews and Jesus, that would be great, too!

When you have time, please explore the rest of our web site as well. In the sections called "About Us" and "Answers," you can learn what we believe and why we believe it. In "Events," you can find out if a special presentation is scheduled for a congregation near you.

Thanks again, and God bless you,
Moderator MAlan
Hi ya Ella.Welcome.I dont come around often so sorry i missed your intro. by a number of days.Mitch is my handle here.In Mid Tennessee.God bless you in ther Name of Jesus{Y'shua}

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