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Jesus Christ : One Covenant - Two Judgments - Part 2
Jesus Christ : One Covenant - Two Judgments - Part 2

One can truly say that the two crosses on either side of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion represented the two judgments levied by God against man. One cross was God's judgment against man's original sin and the other judgment was for the curse placed on the firstborn by God during Passover. Jesus Christ's crucifixion between the two crosses represented the fact that he died to satisfy both judgments, mankind’s original sin in the Garden of Eden and God's curse placed on the firstborn during the Passover event. This then is again another indication of Jesus Christ's divinity as being the only son of God!

If anyone refuses to believe is Jesus Christ he will have to suffer the judgment of his own sins. But those who accept Jesus Christ will be included in all the rights and privileges of a firstborn for Jesus Christ's death shield's them from God's judgment. Why would God judge the same person twice? Once we are one with Jesus Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit God's judgments are satisfied. Notice that both judgments must be satisfied, man's original sin in the Garden of Eden and the curse of the firstborn, which a belief in Jesus Christ secures!

If you want to have both judgments of God against mankind satisfied then you must believe in Jesus Christ and receive the forgiveness of sin that he offers thereby gaining eternal life in heaven with God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit!

God Bless

Because God demands both a sinless person, and a 'true' firstborn, to satisfy all of his judgments against mankind there is no way that just following God's law can ever remove all of those judgments at the same time. Therefore just following the law of Mosses can never ever save us. Only a belief in God's son Jesus Christ will suffice!

When Jesus Christ was circumcised on the 8th day he made complete the covenant God made with Abraham.


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