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Pool of Bethesda – Prophetic Message of the Rapture - Part 1
Pool of Bethesda – Prophetic Message of the Rapture

Many people see the story of Jesus healing at the pool of Bethesda as an indication of Jesus' great compassion for the infirm. But I see a prophetic message in regards to Israel and the closing days of this world commonly called The End Times.

First we must notice that Jesus healed only one person at the pool. This person was crippled for 38 years and could not get up in order to lower himself into the pool to receive a miracle. This clearly represents modern day Israel who is crippled by their unbelief in Jesus Christ as the long awaited messiah.

Notice also that when Jesus arrives the man is 38 years old. This age represents 38 of 40 years in biblical terms for it was 40 days before Satan appeared to Jesus Christ in the desert to tempt him. Equally in the end times Satan will arrive to tempt Israel.... but 2 years before that happens (38 years figuratively) the Jewish people will suddenly be healed of their unbelief in Jesus Christ, meaning they will realize that Jesus Christ IS the true messiah.

But notice that the man that was healed by Jesus Christ searches for him asking about his identity and whereabouts. This isn’t strange if one considers that the realization that Jesus Christ had healed the nation Israel of their unbelief came about because of the rapture! Jesus said he will come in the clouds, in a twinkling of an eye, to rapture his church out of this world just before man's final judgment.

The nation Israel will be healed of their unbelief when Jesus Christ comes for his faithful leaving everyone else to ponder their fate and in a state of frantic searching for Jesus Christ like the man in the story just after Jesus Christ healed him.

So you see the story of Jesus Christ healing the man at the pool of Bethesda is an indication of the rapture of all those who believe in Jesus Christ just before mankind's final judgment. The healed man was 38 years old so if you take the number 38 and divide it into 40 you get .95, meaning the rapture will occur at the 95% mark of some sort of elapsed period of biblical time.

Continued in Part 2

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