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Jewish Soul
I wanted to know if my great grandmother was Jewish born and raised a Jew but as the generations passed at least from my mothers side of things the practice of judaism stopped. So my great grandmother was born in Israel and her daughter fled to spain due to the persecution and married a Spaniard moved to PR and had my mom which intern had me. I'm aware that the women carry the genealogy but does that mean I have a Jewish soul.
Because the National Anthem of Israel sings about a Jewish soul, will not say that it realy exist in terms made by The Almighty.
You are Jewish or not. And if your lineage is completely via the Mothers side that you are Jewish.
Some of the soul(idea) might be lost maybe, by having being totally liberal or christian or atheist(in the real term of anti-God). And rabbi's might have to check that. Their are huge issues with all three of them if people claimed that Torah is not from God, or not eternal etc. to many details.

I'm curious when she left to Spain specifically, not a lot of Jews did that, because a lot of communities there were still quite hidden, and it was hard to live their as a Jew. Maybe if it was just before the 2nd Worldwar I can understand, because it might have been a more save place to flee to then other European countries.
And what is PR? Is it in the U.S.?
Judaism is Jewish law etc. of course every Jew gets influenced by the country and it's rules where he lives in. The more people dive into American, Russian, German, French, Budhist or Christian culture, people are changing their Soul somewhat, and I think people harm their Jewish soul by it, because of the total other language and idea's.
So you are Jewish or not. But on your soul you have to work yourself.
Be good.
PR is Puerto Rico. (or at least I'm pretty certain)

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