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The Rapture – The Circumcision of Israel
The Rapture – The Circumcision of Israel

For all those who think that the rapture – where Jesus Christ comes for all of his believers just before man's last days- will be viewed by those left behind as dreadful, think again! All the people who are left behind to ponder their fate after the rapture has occurred will view the rapture will excitement, especially the Jewish people!

Consider that the rapture will be regarded by the Jewish religious leaders as God 'circumcising Israel' thereby heralding the coming messiah to reestablish the covenant God made with Abraham. The rapture will be called, and celebrated as, - The Circumcision of Israel!

All the people who are left behind after the rapture will flock to the 'promised land' just to be included in 'The Covenant of God”(which includes the nation Israel as well as all the land described as being part of the old testament covenant from Egypt to Iraq).

The rapture of those who believe in Jesus Christ, while considered by those left behind as a beneficial circumcision leading to God reestablishing his covenant on earth, is in actuality a harbinger of God's judgment (as in Lot fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah) and is not an indication of any godly blessing. To ensure your inclusion in the rapture, whereby you will be spared God's impending judgment and instead have eternal life with Jesus Christ in heaven, just believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

God Bless

Consider that the world described in the Book of Revelation will have both the Old Testament Covenant and the New Testament Covenant coexisting side by side to appease all the religions and peoples left behind after the rapture. This Old and New Covenant dichotomy is described as water and earth where the antichrist will rise up out of the New Covenant lands (symbolically described as water) and the beast will rise up out of the Old Covenant lands (symbolically described as earth) to force everyone to receive the infamous '666' on their person. Essentially everyone, both men and women, will have to become circumcised with the '666' mark to be included in any covenant (both new and old) here on earth.

In regards to the symbol '666' I feel that it is reflective of the events that occurred right after the circumcision of Jesus Christ where the Three Kings (3 Magi) visited the Christ Child and presented gifts of adoration and confirmation to signify that Jesus Christ as the long awaited messiah. The symbol '666' will represent the 'new' circumcision into the Covenant(s) of God that everyone must perform (both men and women) to be included in God's Covenant(s) here on earth which will be ruled over by the antichrist.

One begins to wonder if Sodom and Gomorrah isn't in fact indicative of the ends times when both the New Covenant and Old Covenant will coexistent on earth together ushering in God's final judgment.

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