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ChristianMingle allows pro Hezbollah member

Quick alert review of ChristianMingle which advertises to the "Messianic" Community too, I say stay away!! They allow anti-semitic view points and anti-Israel bias!

I was on the message boards at, one of those Christian dating sites and posted a message on their boards as a reply to a thread already started about hatred, and defined it as "In humanity, hate: Hezbollah Arabs hate Israel."

This guy named Carpenterguy1234 responds and starts calling Israel a bunch of murderers!!!

"Do they hate the secular Zionist Jews for no reason, or because they murdered their family's, stole their land, cut them off from prosperity and medical supply s, and basically imprisoned them and terrorize them on a regular basis ?
I would say you got the egg before the chicken here. Who is the hateful one and who is the one trying to protect themselves and get their land back?"

When I compared his sentiment to that of Nazi's he took issue to whomever claiming I actually called him a Nazi! And I was sent a terms of use about hateful mean responses! They sent that to me! A notice saying they can cancel my membership at any time for any reason blah, blah, blah.

So how is he a member? His words below imply something a bit ominous to me:

"I need to tell you something. You need to stop with the name calling "n-a-z-y", or any other personal insults. This is a discussion,and I can enjoy discussing with you but name calling,and insulting is not except-able. We just had someone removed from the boards for this, this week."

We!? I can see why Jews don't like Christians, because many individuals who don't have a clue as to the Jesus Christ they claim make such ignorant and hostile statements toward Israel it is hard to tell a friend from a foe!!

This Carpenter1234 individual is a liar, this is what I said to him:

"Let me put it this way, if I believed the way you do as many a n-a-z-i does, I would buy Rosetta stone learn German and go back to Germany. That is how you walk your talk. You should learn Russian if you don't speak it and sell your land to some Seminole's and move back to Russia!"

And the stupid moderators had the gall to actually send me a terms of use policy reminder as if I had called him a Nazi!! I'm not re-subscribing after my 6 months is up and am just giving a warning to all Messianic Jews to steer VERY clear from this website. Hypocrisy to the fullest over there. That, and they've opened the site to "everyone" which includes homosexuals...the death nail for any Christian ministry is the acceptance of homosexuality, it is no wonder they're catering to anti-Israeli sentiment too..............................................................................................
I'm currently running out my 6 months with no re-subscription.

It is appalling, I just logged in today, and they run square ads to the right of the screen, one was for a online bar and "happy hour" website!

This website Christianmingle is Christian in name only!

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