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Public schools downfall, slow but sure
For homeschooling parents I recommend the biology book EXPLORING CREATION WITH BIOLOGY by Dr. Jay L. Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell.....I cannot say enough good about this book!!!! My family and I fully support this book and these writers!! In the wake of the downfall of the public school system....oh its falling.... The recent article in AFA magazine on page 7 of the February edition you can read yet another death blow to the public schools, who have wrongly set themselves against God almighty, the Ohio Supreme Court apparently supported the firing of a Christian science teacher who displayed the ten commandments, a Bible, along with evolution teachings and I disown Bill Nye the science guy and although have previously used his videos will no longer do so on the basis on his support of that decision as "inane and silly and outrageous notion" regarding creationism. Proving once again that the pseudo philosophy of the public schools to be open minded is only ANOTHER LONG LIE in its downfall!!!

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