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Ezekiel's temple vision
Shalom. In reading and studying the prophetic book of Ezekiel, I find that the latter concluding chapters are equal to the revelation of John, in being among the most hotly debated in all of Scripture. Theologically, Ezekiel describes a physical Jerusalem temple in great detail, but according to the 21st chapter of the revelation of John, in the eternal state no such place exists: in the new Jerusalem the only temple is the triune God Himself (Rev. 21:22).

Many differing and conflicting interpretations have been proposed by scholars, each according to his own school of eschatological thought.

My questions are:
Are Ezekiel chapters 40-48, which describe a great temple, speaking figuratively or literally? Does the temple vision align with the revelation of John? Does the temple vision speak to a time now past, or to a future state? Has Ezekiel given us a vision or a dire warning? Are we missing or overlooking the message God-Yah has given us?

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